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Florida City Government Week


A week-long annual event when Florida’s cities celebrate, showcase and engage citizens in the work of municipal government.



FL City Government Week My City Logo 2021 Florida City Government Week is October 18-24. Florida City Government Week is a time for municipalities to provide and foster civic education, collaboration, volunteerism and more.

All cities are encouraged to participate, and the League is here to help you celebrate what makes your city great.

Cities provide a higher level of service than most governments, and generally receive higher approval ratings than other levels of government. Yet, many residents are unaware of how city services impact their lives. Through Florida City Government Week, we hope to bring awareness to city government's role in enhancing the quality of life in communities.

Cities are encouraged to involve their local schools, businesses, media and civic clubs in planning Florida City Government Week activities that engage through:


  • Sharing. Showcase facilities, municipal employee jobs, equipment, and fire, police or utility vehicles. Host city hall open houses and tours or bring area students into council chambers.
  • Service. Coordinate community service and volunteering events in partnership with local charitable organizations.

  • Talent. Hold an essay, photography, multimedia, video or design showcase or contest.

Florida City Government Week 2020 was held October 19-25.  



Civic engagement activities can be held for citizens of all ages. Most are at no or low cost.

Access the resources below for ideas, tools and tips to get started with your #FLCityWeek celebration!



The Florida City Government Week logo is available for download below. Click to open and then right click on the image and select "Save image as."