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Grants Assistance Program

Welcome to the FLC Grants Assistance Program. The League is partnering with eCivis to provide Florida municipalities with FREE access to a database with more than 9,000 tracked grants. Through this new partnership, every member of the League will have the tools to make finding, applying for and managing their grants easier than ever before.  

eCivis LogoThis program allows members to leverage the nation’s largest professionally curated database of grant opportunities including federal, state and foundation grants at no cost. This includes grants frequently updated with new solicitation notifications and allows for faster review with a standardized format designed for easy-to-read information access. Each League member is able to customize its search to tag relevant grants and have them sent straight to their inbox. eCivis even has a dedicated grant coordinator to service Florida municipalities specifically.

Not only has research been made easier, a vast pre-award suite is now available at no cost! This includes built-in compliance with grant guidance and oversight from certified grant management specialists at eCivis. Members can integrate project tasks with their email calendar to receive notifications of upcoming deadlines as well as track and report on pending grant awards and view previously awarded grants for direction on what strong grant applications look like. Download Program Flyer 

Training sessions will be announced in the coming weeks so every municipality can take full advantage of what is available. Questions? Contact eCivis at flcgrants@ecivis.com


Grants Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions


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The Florida League of Cities has selected eCivis as its premiere grants management partner to provide free grant research and trainings as well as valuable cost savings and assistance with application writing and grant management to all FLC members. eCivis’ extensive experience in grants management led by Certified Grants Management Specialists and software designed by former practitioners provide the best grants solution for FLC members.

Cities can sign up for the free eCivis access and support online. Visit Registration Page

Free licenses are based on population: 1-49,999 = 2 licenses, 50,000 - 99,999 = 7 licenses, 100,000-149,999 = 10 licenses, 150,000+ = 15 licenses.

Additional licenses can be purchased at $250 each. Contact the FLC Grant Coordinator for this option. Email eCivis Florida Grant Coordinator

eCivis offers the software and support led by Certified Grants Management Specialists to manage the full lifecycle of grants (pre award, post award and subrecipient management), as well as indirect cost allocation software and services.

eCivis offers additional services that are discounted for FLC members. Contact the FLC Grant Coordinator for services and pricing available. Email eCivis Florida Grant Coordinator

eCivis has more than 9,000 professionally curated federal, state and foundation grants. These grants are curated in the U.S. in compliance with the Buy American Act.

eCivis will offer weekly group system training and refresher training for any FLC member that is interested. Contact the FLC Grant Coordinator for more information and training times. Email eCivis Florida Grant Coordinator

The FLC Grant Coordinator can assist with system training, grant research, grant policies, connecting with the FLC Grant Writers Network and reviewing additional eCivis services.

You can reach the FLC Grants Coordinator via email. Email eCivis Florida Grant Coordinator

Contact the FLC Grant Coordinator for a list of active grant writers and pre-negotiated pricing. Email eCivis Florida Grant Coordinator