Florida League of Cities

Special Persons Registry/Public Records (Monitor) – Passed 

CS/HB 1275 (Plasencia) allows a local law enforcement agency to develop and maintain a Special Persons Registry. The registry contains a list of persons who have developmental, psychological or other disabilities or conditions that may be relevant to their interactions with law enforcement officers. Adults may enroll themselves in the registry. Minors may be enrolled in a registry by their parent or legal guardian. The bill exempts from public records requirements all records and personal identifying information relating to enrollment of persons in a special persons registry and persons enrolled in a special persons registry held by a local law enforcement agency. It authorizes local law enforcement agencies to disclose confidential and exempt information to certain persons under certain circumstances and provides for the exempt status of such information held by those individuals and entities to be maintained.

Effective date: On the date HB 1275 takes effect (June 1, 2024). (Taggart)