Florida League of Cities

Solid Waste Management (Oppose) – Failed 

SB 798 (Ingoglia) and CS/HB 975 (Holcomb) provide that a city or county may not prohibit or "unreasonably restrain" a private entity from providing recycling or solid waste services to commercial, industrial or multifamily residential properties. In addition, the bills authorize a local government to require such private entities to obtain a permit, license or non-exclusive franchise but specify the local government's fee may not exceed the local government's administrative cost and that the fee must be commensurate with fees for other industries. The bills prohibit the use of exclusive franchise agreements and restrict a local government from providing its own solid waste or recycling services. Current contracts and franchises in place as of January 2023 would be permitted to continue to their date of expiration, but the bills specify that a local government may not recognize an "evergreen" contract or additional renewal or extension of a contract or agreement. CS/HB 975 was amended to provide that the bill does not apply to a local government that is the sole provider of solid waste collection services in its jurisdiction performed by employees of a municipality or county using municipal or county-owned equipment. (O'Hara)