Florida League of Cities

Resiliency Energy Environment Florida Programs (Monitor) – Failed 

CS/HB 669 (Fine) and CS/SB 950 (Rodriguez) amend current law relating to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs, whereby local governments, alone or in partnership with a program administrator, may finance qualifying improvements on residential property relating to energy conservation and efficiency or renewable energy. The bills expand the types of projects that are eligible for PACE financing, including septic tank upgrades, repair of lateral sewer lines, septic-to-sewer connections and remediation of certain environmental contaminants. The bills add nonresidential real property, which includes multifamily residential property composed of five or more dwelling units, to PACE program eligibility. The bills add several consumer protections to the current PACE program, including capping the total of all non-ad valorem assessments plus any mortgage debt on the property at 100% of a residential property's fair market value, requiring a determination that a property owner meets certain creditworthiness requirements, and allowing property owners to cancel a financing agreement within three days of execution. CS/HB 669 was amended to expand the qualifying improvements to include wastewater treatment and flood mitigation. (O'Hara)