Florida League of Cities

Land Development Initiative and Referendum Processes (Monitor) – Failed 

CS/CS/HB 41 (Garcia) and SB 856 (Rodriguez) would prohibit an initiative or referendum process for any amendment to local land development regulations. Under current law, the initiative or referendum process is prohibited for any development order and, under certain circumstances, local comprehensive plan or map amendments. The bills would now also prohibit the use of initiatives or referendums for any amendment to land development regulations. The bills are drafted to be remedial in nature and would render null and void any referenda or initiative actions pertaining to land development regulations commenced after June 11, 2011. The bills were amended to remove the language which would have made them remedial in nature. As such, the bills no longer render land development regulations commenced after June 1, 2011 null and void. The substance of HB 41 was later amended onto SB 718. See the summary for SB 718 for more details. (Chapman)