Florida League of Cities

School Concurrency (Watch) – PASSED 

CS/CS/CS/SB 706 (Perry) requires developers to tender, rather than execute, a written, legally binding commitment to provide proportionate-share mitigation. The bill further requires the local government to issue a final decision on the developer’s tendered commitment within 60 days from the date of receipt. If the local government fails to issue a final decision within 60 days, the tendered commitment will be deemed approved. Lastly, the bill requires a school board to set aside and not spend any proportionate-share mitigation if there is no school capacity improvement identified in the five-year school board educational facilities plan until such time as such an improvement has been identified. CS/CS/CS/SB 706 passed the Senate (38-0) and the House (113-0) and is awaiting action by the Governor. (Cruz)