Florida League of Cities

Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy Program (Watch) – PASSED 

CS/CS/SB 1764 (Albritton) creates the Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy Program within the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services and require the department to provide financial assistance grants to municipal solid waste-to-energy facilities that have entered into power purchase agreements with electric utilities that include capacity payments, and the facility will no longer receive capacity payments under the agreement. The bill also directs the department to provide incentive grants to waste-to-energy facilities to assist with constructing, upgrading, or expanding a facility. Grant funds may not be used for a residential collection system that does not separate solid waste from recovered materials. The bill appropriates $100 million in recurring funds to the Department for the new program. CS/CS/SB 1764 passed the Senate (38-0) and the House (110-8) and is awaiting action by the Governor. (O’Hara)