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Motor Vehicle Rentals (Support) 

CS/HB 365 (Caruso) and CS/CS/SB 566 (Perry) require peer-to-peer (P2P) car-sharing service sites to impose a $2 per day surcharge upon lease or rental motor vehicle through the P2P car-sharing program, which is similar to the requirements of a traditional car rental company. For P2P sharing program agreements involving a shared vehicle that is registered in the state, the surcharge shall be $1 per day. The surcharge applies to the first 30 days of a car-sharing period for any P2P car-sharing program agreement. CS/CS/SB 566 was amended to remove the $2 per day surcharge on P2P car sharing. CS/HB 365 was substituted for CS/CS/SB 566. CS/CS/SB 566 passed the Senate (28-12) and the House (101-5). (Taggart)