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Application for and Issuance of Building Permits (Watch) 

CS/CS/HB 1059 (Robinson) and CS/CS/SB 1788 (Boyd) require local government to post certain building permit information on their websites, including the status of each application. The bills also require the local government to reduce the permit fee by a specified amount every 10 days if they failed to issue a building permit for a single-family residential dwelling within the time frame already established by current law. The bills prohibit the local government from requiring an applicant to provide a copy of their contract with or between a contractor as a condition of the application for a building permit. CS/CS/SB 1788 was substituted to CS/CS/HB 1059. CS/CS/HB 1059 passed the House (113-0) and the Senate (38-0). (Taggart)