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Environmental Protection (Support)

CS/SB 1878 (Bradley) requires a minimum annual appropriation for Everglades restoration and the protection of water resources in the state and provides requirements for the allocation of such funding. Beginning fiscal year 2020-21 and every year thereafter, the bill specifies a minimum of $625 million for such purposes. The bill allocates this funding as follows: $236 million for the Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir project; $64 million for the South Florida Water Management District for aquifer storage and recovery wells; $50 million funding for springs restoration as provided in law; $40 million for alternative water supplies or water conservation; $25 million for watersheds of the St. Johns River, Suwannee River, and the Apalachicola River; $10 million for the Florida Resilient Coastline Initiative; $15 million for Indian River Lagoon projects; $10 million for coral reefs; $4 million for red tide research; and any remaining balance for water quality programs, alternative water supplies, Indian River Lagoon projects, algae bloom prevention and land acquisition pursuant to the Florida Forever program or Rural and Family Lands program. (O’Hara)