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Environmental Enforcement (Watch)

CS/HB 1091 (Fine) and CS/CS/SB 1450 (Gruters) increase penalties by 50% for violations of state environmental laws, including laws relating to pollution of groundwater and surface water, litter, coral reefs, aquatic preserves and solid waste. The bills provide that each day a violation occurs shall constitute a separate offense. CS/CS/SB 1450 also encourages counties and municipalities to establish an evaluation and rehabilitation program for “sanitary sewer laterals” on residential and commercial properties to identify and reduce extraneous flow from leaking laterals. The bill specifies contents of the program, including the establishment of a publicly accessible database to store information concerning properties where a defective lateral has been identified. In addition, the bill requires sellers to real property to disclose to prospective purchasers any known defects in the properties’ sanitary sewer lateral. (O’Hara)