Florida League of Cities

Towing Vehicles (Monitor) – Failed 

SB 438 (Rodriguez) clarifies current law to ensure that law enforcement agencies may tow a motor vehicle from the scene of the incident to their storage facility in lieu of the wrecker operator’s storage facility. Current law prohibits a law enforcement agency from placing a hold on a motor vehicle within a wrecker operator’s storage facility for more than five business days If a law enforcement agency does tow a vehicle to their own facility, the agency may not release the vehicle to the owner or lienholder until proof of payment of the towing and storage charges incurred by the wrecker operator are presented to the agency. If the agency releases the vehicle without proof of payment, they are liable for the charges. The bill also preempts to the state the regulation of claiming a lien for the recovery, removal, towing or storage of a vehicle or vessel, including the notification of fees. (Taggart)