Florida League of Cities

Local Redistricting (Monitor) – Failed 

CS/SB 444 (Ingoglia), SB 1080 (Yarborough), and HB 7069 (State Affairs Committee) specify criteria for redistricting for school boards, cities, and counties. The bills prohibit county commission districts, municipal districts, and school board member residence areas from being drawn with the intent to favor or disfavor a candidate for the governing body or an incumbent member of the governing body. They require county commission districts to be as nearly equal in population as possible. Current law does not address requirements for municipal redistricting, but the bills would impose such requirements and override any local charter provisions that conflict with the bills. The bills require municipalities to fix the boundaries of their districts to keep them as nearly equal in proportion to their respective populations as practicable and provide that they may only do so in odd-numbered years. The bills void any ordinance adopted by a county, municipality, or school district on or after July 1, 2023, that conflicts with the bills. (O’Hara)