Florida League of Cities

Impeding, Provoking or Harassing First Responders (Support) – Failed 

CS/CS/SB 1126 (Avila) and CS/CS/HB 1539 (Rizo) would make it unlawful for any person, after receiving a warning from a first responder not to approach, to violate such warning and approach or remain within 20 feet of a first responder who is engaged in the lawful performance of any legal or emergent duty, with the intent to: 1. Interrupt, disrupt, hinder, impede or interfere with the first responder’s ability to perform such duty; 2. Provoke a physical response from the first responder; or 3. Directly or indirectly harass the first responder or make so much noise that a first responder is prevented from performing their official duties or providing medical aid. CS/CS/SB 1126 was amended to reduce the distance to 14 feet or roughly the size of a midsize sedan vehicle. (Taggart)