Florida League of Cities

Financing Improvements to Real Property (Monitor) – Failed 

SB 810 (Gruters) and CS/CS/HB 1151 (Amesty) amend Section 163.08, Florida Statutes, relating to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs and financing. The bills expand the purpose of the program to include resiliency-qualifying improvements to commercial or residential property. The bills define commercial property to include multifamily, commercial, industrial, agricultural, nonprofit, long-term care facilities or government-commercial property. Government-commercial property is defined as real property owned by a local government and leased to a nongovernmental lessee. The bills expand the types of improvements to commercial property that are eligible for PACE financing to include energy conservation and efficiency improvements and resiliency improvements. The bills specify conditions for entering financing agreements with commercial properties and governmental-commercial properties. They clarify the changes made by the bill are prospective and do not affect or amend any existing non-ad valorem assessment or any existing interlocal agreement between local governments. (O'Hara)