Florida League of Cities

Everglades Protection Area/Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Monitor) – Failed 

HB 175 (Busatta Cabrera) and CS/CS/SB 192 (Avila) require comprehensive plans and plan amendments by a county defined in Section 125.011(1) or any municipality therein (i.e., Miami-Dade County and municipalities within the county), that apply to any land within, or within two miles of, the Everglades Protection Area (EPA) to follow the state-coordinated review process for state agency compliance review under Part II, Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, and requires the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to coordinate with the affected local governments on mitigation measures for plans or plan amendments that would impact Everglades restoration. The EPA consists of the three state-designated Water Conservations Areas (WCA-1, WCA-2 and WCA-3) as well as Everglades National Park. If DEP determines that any portion of a proposed plan or proposed amendment will adversely impact the EPA or Everglades restoration objectives, the local government must modify the plan or plan amendment to mitigate such impacts before adoption of the plan or amendment, or that portion of the plan or amendment may not be adopted. Plan amendments that apply to any land within, or within two miles of, the EPA must be transmitted to DEP within 10 days of the second public hearing on the amendment. Finally, the bills require a county subject to the bill and any municipality within that county to transmit a copy of any small-scale plan amendment to the Department of Economic Opportunity within 10 days after adoption. (O'Hara)