Florida League of Cities

Elections (Monitor) – Passed 

CS/SB 7050 (Ethics and Elections Committee) makes numerous changes to the state's election laws relating to voter registration, voter signature verification, candidate oaths, candidate disclosures, candidate name designations, vote-by-mail requirements, canvassing boards, issuance of "voter guides," third-party voter registration organizations, voter address records, post-election reports, precinct boundary data, early voting, campaign finance reporting and penalties for violations of elections laws. Of interest to municipal governments, the bill amends Section 100.342, Florida Statutes, relating to notices of special elections. Current law requires 30 days' notice of a special election or referendum to be published in a local newspaper, and CS/SB 7050 would authorize this notice to instead be published on the county's website, the municipality's website or the supervisor of election's website. The bill also revises requirements for precinct boundary data by deleting requirements relating to the use of census blocks and removing specified "visible features" and boundaries from the types of boundaries that may be used as a precinct boundary. In addition, the bill revises the schedule for campaign finance, electioneering, and political committee reporting from monthly to quarterly, except for the third quarter immediately preceding a general election. It preempts local governments from enacting a campaign finance reporting schedule that differs from the schedule required by state law. 

Effective date: July 1, 2023. (O'Hara)