Florida League of Cities

Drones (Support) – Passed

CS/CS/CS/SB 1068 (Collins) prohibits a political subdivision from withholding the issuance of a business tax receipt or development permit, or enacting or enforcing an ordinance or resolution prohibiting a drone delivery service’s operation based on the location of the delivery service’s drone port, but does allow political subdivisions to enforce generally applicable minimum setback and landscaping regulations. The bill exempts drone ports, except for their stairwells, from the Florida Building Code, as well as from provisions concerning fire protection systems of the Florida Fire Prevention Code. The bill defines “drone delivery service” as a person engaged in the business of delivering goods via drone and who is covered by the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rule. It defines “drone port” as a stand-alone building that does not exceed 1,500 square feet in area or 36 feet in height, is located in a nonresidential area, is used by a drone delivery service for the launch and landing of drones, was constructed using Type I or Type II construction as described in the Florida Building Code, and, if greater than one story in height, includes at least one stairwell that may be used for egress. 

Effective date: July 1, 2023. (Branch)