Florida League of Cities

Condominium and Cooperative Associations (Watch) – FAILED 

SB 1942 (Pizzo) and HB 1393 (Geller) address inspection and reserve requirements for community associations. Of interest to municipalities, the bills:

•Require the local jurisdiction to issue a notice or required recertification inspection to the association when the condominium building is 20 years of age or older

•Requires the architect or engineer who performed the inspection to submit a sealed copy of the report to the local authority within seven days after the board receives the completed report

•Require the Condominium Board to complete any repairs or modifications within six months after receipt of the recertification report according to the Florida Building Code

•Requires the Board, under a seal signature of a licensed architect or engineer and within seven days of the completion of repairs or modifications, to provide the local authority a copy affirming that the remedial action has been completed

•Require the Board of Directors to provide a copy of the reserve study or financial statement to the local authority having jurisdiction within a specified time

•Authorize the local authority having jurisdiction to order a mandatory evacuation of the residential condominium under certain circumstances. (Branch)