Florida League of Cities

The Florida League of Cities is recognizing dozens of legislators for their work during the 2021 Legislative Session to protect the Home Rule authority of Florida’s municipalities. 

The League is presenting its Legislative Appreciation Award to 30 legislators for their efforts to defend Home Rule during the 2021 Legislative Session.

Legislative Appreciation Award recipients are legislators who have advocated on behalf of the League and its member cities time after time. These lawmakers consistently voted in support of the League’s policy positions, offered amendments to help prevent preemptions and unfunded mandates and worked behind the scenes to rally support for local self-government throughout session. The list of 2021 recipients can be found below.

“The League’s mantra is ‘local voices making local choices” and we believe the government closest to the people should make the decisions that affect the quality of life of those citizens they’ve been elected to represent,” said FLC Legislative Director Casey Cook. “These legislators supported that ideal, and we owe them a great deal of thanks. On behalf of Florida’s 411 cities and its thousands of municipal officials, the League and its legislative team are proud to recognize these legislators and we thank them for their support.”

Each recipient will be presented with their award at a future date.

  • Senator Aaron Bean, District 4
  • Senator Jennifer Bradley, District 5
  • Senator Gary Farmer, District 34
  • Senator Joe Gruters, District 23
  • Senator Gayle Harrell, District 25
  • Senator Ed Hooper, District 16
  • Senator Debbie Mayfield, District 17
  • Senator Kathleen Passidomo, District 28
  • Senator Jason Pizzo, District 38
  • Senator Tina Polsky, District 29
  • Senator Bobby Powell, District 30
  • Senator Tom Wright, District 14
  • Representative Robin Bartleman, District 104   
  • Representative Chuck Clemons, District 21   
  • Representative Dan Daley, District 97  
  • Representative Tracie Davis, District 13  
  • Representative Ben Diamond, District 68   
  • Representative Wyman Duggan, District 15   
  • Representative Anna Eskamani, District 47    
  • Representative Joe Geller, District 100   
  • Representative Joy Goff-Marcil, District 30
  • Representative Michael Grieco, District 113    
  • Representative Christine Hunschofsky, District 96    
  • Representative Sam Killebrew, District 41
  • Representative Andrew Learned, District 59
  • Representative Jim Mooney, District 120  
  • Representative Angie Nixon, District 14   
  • Representative Bobby Payne, District 19  
  • Representative Cyndi Stevenson, District 17  
  • Representative Matt Willhite, District 86