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Engaging young people with the work of local government is key to cultivating the next generation of civic leaders. 


Municipal youth councils are special citywide councils composed of students from different high schools within the city. They represent the voices of youth within their community and may serve as an advisory board to the city commission/council.

Students who serve on youth councils are the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to expose them to municipal government at an early age. We hope your city, town or village will consider forming a youth council if you do not already have one. Contact Eryn Russell for additional information. 

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Municipal Youth Council Programs

Youth Council Legislative Action Days Program 
The 2024 Youth Council Legislative Action Days Program will take place on January 30-31, 2024 in Tallahassee, FL from 9:00-3:00.

Day One: Youth council members will focus on strong presentation skills. Students will learn to identify ways to connect with their audience and ensure their message is understood. They will also learn tips on how the brain thinks and reacts to the pressures of public speaking, along with proven techniques and tips to help them master nerves and effectiveness. Facilitator: Michelle Bono and Jessie Betts-Bono, Bono Communications 

Day One Coordinator Program: Coordinators will have a separate training session on Day One. Program information coming soon.

Day Two: Youth council members will work through creating a mock skateable art park in their communities: undergoing research, creating key messages, developing strategy, identifying important local government members and securing their support, and making a community improvement concept a reality. This process will exemplify how youth council members can create meaningful projects in their communities. Facilitator: Michelle Bono and Jessie Betts-Bono, Bono Communications 

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Video Competition
The 2024 Video Competition provides a way for Florida’s youth councils to showcase their ideas, creativity, and commitment to their communities.

Community Service Contest
Starting each January, this contest asks youth councils to submit a youth council project that addresses a local need with local action. 

2023 Community Service Contest Winners

Council2College Scholarship
This essay contest assists Florida municipal youth council leaders who are pursuing post-high school education. The councils also must be active in the League’s youth council programs.

One-Day Civic Education Tour
The capital of Florida hosts a multitude of educational and historical opportunities for youth councils. The Florida League of Cities has compiled suggestions and basic information to help you plan your visit here

Important Dates

  • August – November 10, 2023 – Video Competition
  • January - May 2024 - Community Service Contest
  • January 30-31, 2024 - Legislative Action Days Program (Tallahassee)