• Florida Regional Compact Initiative

    Under the leadership of Past President Matt Surrency, the Florida League of Cities embarked on a journey to unite cities within regional clusters to identify and solve shared challenges that cross municipal boundaries. Today, the Florida Regional Compact Initiative boasts an impressive record for inspiring successful collaborations and continues to provide guidance and resources to regions across the state.
  • Florida City Government Week

    Florida City Government Week is coming up on October 16-22 and we encourage every city to take an active part in promoting their city through civic education activities! 
  • Legislative Policy Committees

    The Florida League of Cities announces the 2016-2017 Legislative Policy Committees (press release). Thank you to all who volunteered to serve. The first committee meeting is on Friday, September 30, in the Orlando area. We are looking forward to working with you all. 
  • FLC Legislative Conference

    SAVE THE DATE: The 56th Legislative Conference will be held on December 8-9, 2016, at the Embassy Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista South. Registration materials for the conference will be available soon.
  • FLC University Summits

    In September and October, FLC University is hosting five regional summits focused on public records to give city officials and staff the tools to properly respond to records requests. Click here to view the flyer. Find a date near you and register today!
  • Quality Cities Magazine

    The July/Aug 2016 issue of Quality Cities magazine is now available online! Check out this issue to learn about the Florida Regional Compact Initiative, Annual Conference, MuniMod 2.0 and much more!

Growing from a small number of cities and towns, our membership now represents more than 400 cities, towns and villages in the Sunshine State. Click here to learn more about Florida's cities.
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Providing Public Service: Stories that Make Us Great

Source: Scott Paine
I recently read an interesting piece on organizational culture (not a new piece; one I just found) that focused on organizational mythology. By “mythology” I don’t mean falsehood. I mean the stories that are told, and retold, within an organization, stories that express something at the core of the experience of being a member of that organization.
The article focused specifically on certain types of myths common to some organizations. The myth of the boss who does not shy from doing what front-line employees do (in the army, this is called a soldier’s general). The myth of the leaders who care more about their employees than about themselves, who sacrifice for the team by offering better benefits, or meeting the unique needs of individual employees in hard times, or preserving jobs at the expense of profits or even of their own income.
The myth of the leader who treats mistakes, even large ones, as growth opportunities, who asks “what can we learn?” rather than “who do we burn?” when things go badly wrong.
Click here to read this blog on DrScottPaine.com.
ON TAP @ THE CAP - March 11, 2016
Source: Scott Dudley
"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." -- Frank Herbert
Thought about RMPE?
Source: Scott Blaser, CSP, Director, Risk Control

Thought about RMPE?

As I wrap up our first online meeting for the League’s Risk Management for Public Entities (RMPE) study group, I would be remiss if I did not let everyone know of this group, once again, and how it can help you obtain your RMPE certification.