Do we need a policy?

Yes! Social media is a new world of opportunity for local governments to communicate with citizens and receive feedback. Its risks are similar in nature to those of other types of communication, but with a different twist because material circulates so widely and there are many potential contributors. One recommended tool for addressing these risks is to adopt a social media policy. But what should be in that policy? The resources below will provide you with key questions to consider and sample policies from Florida cities.

Designing Social Media Policy for Government
4 Factors Agencies Should Consider When Developing a Social Media Policy 
City & County Attorney Legal Guide to Social Media
Social Media Policy Template
Some officials risking Twitter lawsuits
NEW! A Warning for Elected Officials on Social Media—Court Says Don't Block Critics

City of Crestview
Town of Jupiter (External / Internal)
City of Miami Beach
City of North Port
City of Pensacola


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If you have specific questions about using social media that are not listed above, please contact Brittni Johnsen for further assistance.

Important Disclaimer The League has compiled this information to help local officials understand technical and legal concepts related to the use of social media in the public sector and cannot guarantee the information is accurate or current. The League does not recommend or endorse any of the social media policies referenced above. These materials should not be considered as legal advice. Officials are encouraged to consult technical experts, attorneys and/or relevant regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date information and advice on specific situations.