How do we get started?

There is a wide variety of of social media platforms, all offering something slightly different. It is not necessary (or even possible) to try and get to know them all. It is, however, important to know enough about the features, functions, characteristics and protocols of the most common platforms. The decision about which social media platform, or even platforms, to use will be determined by what you want to achieve. Perhaps even more important is finding out which platforms your target audience uses. Below are online tutorials for the most common platforms as well as links to a few industry resources.

Online Tutorials

Industry Resources
Facebook Guide for Politics and Government
Public Sector Guide to Social Media

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If you have specific questions about using social media that are not listed above, please contact Brittni Johnsen for further assistance.

Important Disclaimer The League has compiled this information to help local officials understand technical and legal concepts related to the use of social media in the public sector and cannot guarantee the information is accurate or current. The League does not recommend or endorse any of the social media policies referenced above. These materials should not be considered as legal advice. Officials are encouraged to consult technical experts, attorneys and/or relevant regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date information and advice on specific situations.