Photography & Community Service Project Competition Past Winners


2019 Youth Council Community Service Contest Winners

The 2019 contest entries showcased community service projects performed by municipal youth councils that successfully address specific needs in their local communities. Video submissions can be viewed below. 

  • City of Boca Raton Community Advisory Panel Youth Subcommittee – The “LEAD Green” project from the City of Boca Raton Community Advisory Panel Youth Subcommittee is a new initiative that empowers and encourages young volunteer groups from different schools throughout the city to collaborate and work together. Their efforts have resulted in several environmental projects across the city including planting trees, rehabilitating nature trails and performing beach cleanups. The goal of “LEAD” is to preserve the environment for future generations, make positive contributions to the City of Boca Raton and its communities, and to raise awareness among residents.

  • City of Haines City Youth Advisory Council – The “Boys & Girls Club Revitalization” project from the City of Haines City Youth Advisory Council was focused on renovating the Dolphus Howard Building, home to the Citrus Center Boys & Girls Club. The youth council worked to clean up and paint both the interior and exterior of the building before adding the final touches on the inside including new games, furniture and electronics for members of the Boys & Girls Club to use.

  • City of Homestead Mayor’s Youth Council – The “Government Shutdown Relief Project” from the City of Homestead Mayor’s Youth Council focused on helping those residents of Homestead who were affected by the shutdown of the federal government. Members of the youth council collected donations of food and everyday necessities such as laundry detergent and toiletries. Those items were then dispensed to residents in need.

  • City of West Palm Beach Mayor’s Youth Council – The “Speak Your Mind” project from the City of West Palm Beach Mayor’s Youth Council was a town hall event created by students for students. For the event, the council invited a panel of psychologists, therapists, school administrators and the city’s police chief. Students from schools throughout the city were also invited to participate. The goal of the event was to discuss topics such as mental health and school safety and to create an atmosphere in which students could voice their concerns and have their questions answered.

  • City of West Park Youth Council – The “Shoebox for the Homeless” project from the City of West Park Youth Council focused on helping the homeless population within the city. It was created after members of the council noticed an increase in their city’s homeless population. Members filled shoeboxes with toiletries and staple food items, which they then delivered to their city’s police station, which partnered with them for the project. Deputies kept the boxes in their trunks and handed them out to those in need on behalf of the youth council.

2018 Youth Council Community Service Project Contest Winners

In 2018, the League held a community service (volunteer project) contest. Entries showcased current or new youth council projects that address a local need. The winners are listed below. 

2017 Youth Council Competition Winners

1) A photography contest in which we encouraged youth council members to take a picture of an aspect of your city that you love. 

2) A contest showcasing a youth council community service or volunteer project for a specific, single, citywide effort to successfully address a local need.

The winners of the 2017 competitions are listed below. 

Community Service

  • First Place: City of Niceville’s Youth Advisory Council--Niceville City Cleanup (Learn more)
  • Second Place: City of West Palm Beach’s Mayor's Youth Council—Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve (Learn more)
  • Third Place: City of St. Petersburg’s Mayor’s Youth Congress—Scrubbin’ Da Burg (Learn more)


  • First Place: City of Dade City’s Youth Council: Cinco De Mayo Parade by Reyes Figueroa
  • Second Place: City of Port Orange’s Youth Advisory Board: City Center Road in Black & White by Emma Dominguez
  • Third Place: City of Gulfport’s Teen Council: Clymer Park by Cameron Althaus
Winning photos are featured below. 

First Place - City of Dade City

Dade City - 1st Place

Second Place - City of Port Orange

Port Orange - 2nd Place


Third Place - City of Gulfport

Gulfport - 3rd Place