Photography & Community Service Project Competition Past Winners


In 2018, the League held a community service (volunteer project) contest. Entries showcased current or new youth council projects that address a local need. The winners are listed below. 

2018 Youth Council Community Service Project Contest Winners

2017 Youth Council Competition Winners

1) A photography contest in which we encouraged youth council members to take a picture of an aspect of your city that you love. 

2) A contest showcasing a youth council community service or volunteer project for a specific, single, citywide effort to successfully address a local need.

The winners of the 2017 competitions are listed below. 

Community Service

  • First Place: City of Niceville’s Youth Advisory Council--Niceville City Cleanup (Learn more)
  • Second Place: City of West Palm Beach’s Mayor's Youth Council—Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve (Learn more)
  • Third Place: City of St. Petersburg’s Mayor’s Youth Congress—Scrubbin’ Da Burg (Learn more)


  • First Place: City of Dade City’s Youth Council: Cinco De Mayo Parade by Reyes Figueroa
  • Second Place: City of Port Orange’s Youth Advisory Board: City Center Road in Black & White by Emma Dominguez
  • Third Place: City of Gulfport’s Teen Council: Clymer Park by Cameron Althaus
Winning photos are featured below. 

First Place - City of Dade City

Dade City - 1st Place

Second Place - City of Port Orange

Port Orange - 2nd Place


Third Place - City of Gulfport

Gulfport - 3rd Place