Municipal Youth Councils

Municipal Youth Councils are special citywide councils are composed of students from different high schools within the city. They typically serve as an advisory board to the city commission/council. They are sometimes referred to as Youth Corps, Teen Advisory Boards or Mayor's Youth Councils.

Students who serve on youth councils are the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to expose them to municipal government at an early age. We hope that your city, town or village will consider forming a youth council if you do not already have one. The Guide for Creating a City Youth Council provides a "road map" to help officials who want to create a Youth Council program in their city. The FLC University online learning session, How to Start and Maintain Youth Councils, is also available for viewing to the right. 

The City Government 101 Animated Video is a great way to introduce young people to municipal government operations. You can also download our Youth Council Fun Facts Flyer. Additional resources for teaching youth about city governments are available under Civic Education.

Municipal Youth Council Programs

FLC Annual Conference
The Florida League of Cities annual conference is held each August in various locations throughout the state. Approximately 1,000 city officials from across Florida attend this meeting to share ideas, attend educational workshops and sessions, discuss strategies for Florida’s future, determine League policies, and visit the Municipal Marketplace. The 2018 conference will be held on August 16-18 , at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Fla. A youth council program for youth and leaders will be held on Saturday, August 18 in conjunction with annual conference. Registration for the youth council program can be found here

Legislative Action Days Civic Education Program  
The Florida League of Cities invites youth councils to attend Legislative Action Days with their elected officials. During the two days, youth will tour the capital city including activities such as visiting the Governor’s Mansion, tour of the Supreme Court, and a visit to your district legislative office. The next Legislative Action days with be March 26-27, 2019. Information about the program coming soon.  

In addition, the Florida League of Cities hosts statewide competitions and events designed specifically to engage youth councils in service learning, civic education, and leadership development.

Community Service Project Contest
The community service (volunteer project) contest showcases current or new youth council projects that address a local need. Click the icon to the right to view the winning projects. 

One-Day Civic Education Tour
For youth councils who are interested in visiting Tallahassee, the League will provide contact information and tips on how to get the most out of Florida’s capital.

Video Competition
This year’s video competition asks each council to create an 1-5-minute video to promote what makes their city great. The deadline for submission is September 28, 2018. Winners will be announced during Florida City Government Week. Download Flyer

Click the icon to the right to view past winners.

Contact Sharon Berrian for additional information. 

Photography & Community Service Project Winners

Video Competition Award Winners

Youth Council Webinar