Florida City Government Week


Florida City Government Week 2017 will take place October 23-29. Join Florida’s cities this year in celebrating, showcasing and engaging citizens in the work of municipal government. Florida City Government Week is a time for municipalities to provide and foster civic education, collaboration, volunteerism and more. All cities are encouraged to participate, and the League is here to help you celebrate what makes your city great. 

Cities provide a higher level of service than most governments, and generally receive higher approval ratings than other levels of government. Yet, many residents are unaware of how city services impact their lives. Through Florida City Government Week, the League hopes to bring awareness to city government’s role in enhancing the quality of life in communities.  
Florida City Government Week is a great opportunity for city officials to speak to schools and civic groups, host an open house at city hall, or reach out to civic clubs and community organizations to explain city structure and function or help others learn by volunteering and serving charitable organizations in your community.
Florida City Government Week is part of an ongoing effort sponsored by the Florida League of Cities to raise public awareness about the services that cities perform and to educate the public on how city government works. Cities are encouraged to involve their local schools, businesses, media and civic clubs in planning City Government Week activities.

To assist cities in their efforts, we provide a Florida City Government Week Information packet, which will be available soon.

Cities are encouraged to share photos and summaries of their activities for inclusion in Quality Cities (QC) magazine via the online Submission Form to the right. 

Contact Sharon Berrian for additional information. 

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