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The Florida League of Cities' Center for Municipal Research & Innovation is the primary source for local government research at the League. Through the center, Florida's city officials have access to municipal resources and data needed to effectively lead their local governments and Florida's municipal government research institutes have opportunities to collaborate with municipal government practitioners across the state.
Begun in 2011, the center bridges the gap between academics and public policy makers and administrators through a number of programs and publications including two annual research symposiums, a statewide research forum for our research partners, regular research articles in the League's Quality Cities magazine and a quarterly e-newsletter.
The cornerstone of the center's research is the annual CityStats survey covering municipal operations, budgets, policies and services. The CityStats survey forms the basis for the online Find A Peer City database tool and the annual State of the Cities report. Click here to view a list of cities that have already completed the 2019 CityStats survey.

Contact Research Analyst Liane Giroux with the Center for more information.


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