Municipal Youth Councils (#FLCityYouth)

Municipal Youth Councils are special citywide councils composed of students from different high schools within the city. They typically serve as an advisory board to the city commission/council. They are sometimes referred to as Youth Corps, Teen Advisory Boards or Mayor's Youth Councils.

Students who serve on youth councils are the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to expose them to municipal government at an early age. We hope that your city, town or village will consider forming a youth council if you do not already have one.

Municipal Youth Council Programs

FLC Annual Conference
The 2019 Annual Conference Youth Council Program will be held at the World Center Marriott in Orlando, FL on Saturday, August 17 from 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m. Youth participated in the Open Space Meeting Model, which allows youth to lead conversations surrounding a common question. Their report can be found here. The 2020 Annual Conference will be held in at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Fla. on August 13-15, 2020.

Legislative Action Days Civic Education Program  
The Florida League of Cities invites youth councils to attend Legislative Action Days with their elected officials. An agenda for 2020 Legislative Action Days, which will be hosted February 11-12, is coming soon. 

Video Competition
The 2019 Video Competition asked youth councils to reflect on Florida City Government Week’s theme, “I’m Part of It, I’m Proud of It.” The theme is centered around the question, “As a resident and a young leader: ‘How are you part of your city and why are you proud of your city?’” The winners were announced during Florida City Government Week and the winning videos can viewed below. Click here to view past winners. 

One-Day Civic Education Tour
The City of Tallahassee hosts a multitude of educational and historical opportunities for youth councils who wish to visit the capital of Florida. The Florida League of Cities has compiled suggestions and basic information to help you plan your visit here


Contact Eryn Russell for additional information. 

Photography & Community Service Project Winners

Video Competition Award Winners