Partners in Municipal Research Program


The Center for Municipal Research & Innovation is becoming a leading source for local government research in Florida. The center is reaching out to local government researchers to join its Partners in Municipal Research Program.
Program Benefits
Research partners will have access to the Florida League of Cities' municipal government datasets and have opportunities to collaborate with municipal government practitioners across Florida.
Information Sharing
Through regional roundtables and statewide forums, the center brings together research institutes to discuss current interests, projects, needed datasets and future goals, as well as to identify potential research collaboration. By developing these connections, the center can enhance and learn from the institutes, and promote their research to municipal officials and others statewide.
Advancing Research

At Events
The center hosts two annual research symposiums and a workshop at the Florida League of Cities annual conference. They bring together researchers, local government staff and elected officials to discuss current research issues and how they affect Florida's local governments. The League also hosts monthly webinars with frequent opportunities for presentations on current municipal topics. Priority is given to Partners in Municipal Research participants to serve as presenters at these events, and they can attend Center for Municipal Research & Innovation meetings free of charge. Presenters at the League's annual conference receive a complimentary registration to that three-day event.
In Publications 
The center distributes several publications to elected city officials and staff, Florida research institutes and other public policy organizations throughout the state. Research institute partners are encouraged to submit articles, reports and data to include in these publications, such as the bimonthly Quality Cities magazine, which has a circulation of approximately 4,200 municipal officials, a quarterly eNews and an annual research journal.
Through the center's website, League members access data and statistics useful to municipal government administration. The Partners in Municipal Research webpages include a research institute spotlight study, links to current Partners in Municipal Research participant studies and a listing of the partners' research topics, contacts and upcoming events.
Data Sharing
The center promotes the use of the data it collects to assist with research and education and is available as a resource to Partners in Municipal Research participants. The center also supports giving graduate students in-depth research opportunities on local government issues.
Your Municipal Liaison
When students and institute faculty are seeking RFPs or input on new municipal government studies, the Center for Municipal Research & Innovation can serve as a liaison to research partners in their outreach to cities. In addition, partners can submit RFPs and/or internship applications for center-directed studies and research.

Partners in Municipal Research

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