Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund (FMPTF)


The Florida League of Cities sponsors and administers the Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund (FMPTF). The FMPTF was established in 1983 for the purpose of collectively managing employee retirement plans of participating Florida governments. The Fund operates as a non-profit, tax-exempt entity that provides professional and cost-effective investment and administrative services for all types of retirement plans.

The FMPTF offers both full administration and investment management services for the following types of retirement and pension plans:

By pooling the assets of cities together and creating economies of scale, the FMPTF is able to offer all its services for fees much lower than for profit providers.
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In addition to the professional investment and administrative services provided by the League, the FMPTF offers extensive oversight of the investments as well as the professionals hired to provide services to our members. This oversight is something that truly sets us apart from all other retirement plan providers. A Board of Trustees governs the FMPTF. This Board is made of elected officials whose cities actively participate in the FMPTF. In addition, an Investment Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the Board and League staff. This Committee is made up of finance directors of some of the largest cities in the state and past presidents of the Florida Governmental Finance Officers Association (FGFOA).

The FMPTF is another program that has been created by cities for cities. Let your League work for you, contact Jeremy Langley at 859.552.5224 today to learn how your local government will benefit from our retirement services.

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