Utilities, Natural Resources & Public Works

This committee addresses policies specific to municipal concerns with coastal management, energy, environmental and wetlands permitting, hazardous and toxic wastes, recycling, solid waste collection and disposal, stormwater, wastewater treatment and reuse, water management, water quality and quantity.


Priority Issues, 2016-2017

sea level rise


The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS measures that promote a sustainable Florida, including legislation that:

  • Incentivizes the development and expansion of reclaimed water while protecting public ratepayer investments in reclaimed water infrastructure;
  • Assists municipal utilities in addressing infrastructure deficits;
  • Maintains the authority of municipalities to operate public utilities;
  • Protects and improves the quality of water including surface water, drinking water, and aquifers;
  • Imposes a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing;
  • Increases the ability of local governments to address water quality impairment attributable to excess nutrients; and
  • Increases state and local efforts to mitigate and adapt to increasing tidal and stormwater flooding.  



News & Resources

1. EENR Bills of Interest (For updates on these bills and more, click here.)

2. Final Opportunity to Apply for Derelict Vessel Removal Funds from FWC.
3. Final Order Invalidating DEP's Pollution Notice Rule
4. 2017 Assessment of Florida’s Water Resource & Conservation Lands (Office of Economic & Demographic Research)  
5. FWC Final Report to Legislature on Anchoring & Mooring Pilot Program (Dec. 2016) 


Action Agendas

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Committee Contacts

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Chair: Deborah Kynes 
Vice Mayor, City of Dunedin
Vice-chair: Helen Miller
Councilmember, Town of White Springs 
FLC Contact: Rebecca O'Hara
Asst. General Counsel
(850) 339-6211 
FLC Staff Assistant: Ally Rudd

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