Now is the time to get engaged. Now is the time to take action. 


Take Action.

Reinforce Relationships. The most persuasive messages come from familiar faces. Now is the time to connect with members of your legislative delegation. It is important to know when they will be in the District and when they will be in Tallahassee. Make appointments, invite them for coffee, give them on a tour of new projects in your city, speak at your local Legislative Delegation Meeting. The more legislators see you and learn about the ways you are working to improve services and the quality of life for your citizens, the more they will want to support your city’s goals.

Already have a strong relationship with a state legislator? Volunteer as a Legislative Key Contact.

Be Prepared. A key to success is knowing the issues and how they affect your city. Work with your city staff to determine how the League's legislative priorities will specifically impact your city. The more information you can provide on the local impact, the more effective you will be with your legislators. However, be concise. The key to influence is not volume, but precision. 

And don't forget, the League is your resource. We have developed sample talking points to use on a variety of issues. Do not hesitate to contact our Legislative team if you have questions on legislative issues or need additional information.

Make the Ask. When communicating with legislators to discuss specific issues, tell them what you want them to do. Be sure to provide enough information so the issue is understood and then make the ask. Do not assume they will support your position by the strength of your argument or because you had a pleasant conversation. Be specific in your ask and give them the opportunity to say yes.

Sample "ask" in support of local self-government: Will you oppose legislation that limits Floridians’ constitutional right to govern themselves under municipal Home Rule Powers? Will you oppose legislation that would interfere with or intrude into municipal finances?
It's also a good idea to request their cellphone number. That's an "ask" they should say yes to and it will definitely be useful in building your relationship with that legislator!

Share What Happens. We have a great team of lobbyists in Tallahassee who are constantly communicating with legislators. Knowing when you call, write or visit with a legislator on a specific issue and what the outcome of that contact was helps our lobbyists be more effective advocates for our issues. The League created an easy-to-use, online submission form to help you help them. The form also enables the League to track our individual advocacy efforts – helpful for identifying Home Rule Heroes. 

Engage Allies. Bring as many diverse voices to your cause as possible. Use the media, traditional and social, to amplify your message in the community. Talk about the value of local government every chance you get. Check out the League's 10 Steps to Engaging Residents in the Protection of Local Self-Government. and our Resident’s Guide for Talking about Home Rule to State Lawmakers

You can also use more subtle techniques. Add the #LetCitiesWork logo in your email signature line or request a #LetCitiesWork magnet for your car. As more and more residents and business owners see #LetCitiesWork, the more likely they will be to get engaged.

Champion an Issue. The League relies on your stories of local impact to educate and inform state legislators on the effects of proposed legislation. We cannot do this without your involvement. Sign-up to champion a key issue. Making this commitment means you will respond to legislative action alerts, provide data to the League on how this issue affects your city and residents, and come to Tallahassee to give testimony on the issue, if needed. No one can tell your community’s story better than you. 

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