Now is the time to get engaged. Now is the time to take action. 



Let Cities Work PSA. Cities provide tailor made solutions to meet the needs of their residents. One-size-fits-all solutions passed down by the State do not fit - at all! Use this video to explain this fight to your residents and ask them to get engaged. (Want a 30-sec version? Click here.) 

Top Ten Tips for Effective Advocacy. As we prepare for the 2018 Legislative session, our message to the Legislature must not waver. By taking these key actions now, we will be ready to confront and defeat legislative attacks against Home Rule. 

Talking Points. Use these basic talking points to guide your discussions with constituents, colleagues and state lawmakers.

10 Steps to Engaging Residents in the Protection of Local Self-Government. Homeowners, local leaders, business owners and others can be powerful allies in the fight to protect Home Rule. These steps will help you identify and engage your residents effectively.

A Resident’s Guide for Talking about Home Rule to State Lawmakers. This GUIDE is designed to assist residents in preparing remarks as a local advocate for the #LetCitiesWork campaign. It is NOT a handout.

Quick Tips for Working with the Media.This guide will explain the differences between a press release and a media advisory, an op-ed and a letter to the editor; plus provide useful tips for leveraging each.

About Florida Cities. This two-page document provides an overview of Florida cities and a brief history of Home Rule.

Key Legislative Dates. Interim committee weeks, session info and policy committee meetings.

State Lawmakers' Tallahassee Contact Details (House and Senate). This list provides you with your state lawmaker's Tallahassee office phone number, location and their legislative aide's name and email address. 

Issue Briefs. Summary papers for the League's legislative priorities including background information, talking points and the latest update on legislative progress.

Advocacy Wheel. This circular image reveals the League's interactive process for moving its agenda. 

Lobbying 101. This tool is designed to help you ask the right questions about proposed legislation and its sponsor(s).

Public Testimony 101. Preparing to provide testimony in committee? This list of tried and tested tips will keep you focused and prepare you for what to expect.

Advocacy Checklist. This is a great tool to help local officials stay on task and on message during a phone call or visit with your legislator.

Capitol Connection. Use this convenient tool to identify state legislators by municipality, district or committee and draft correspondence directly. This tool automatically sends a copy to League staff so we are informed of your advocacy efforts. 

In the News. Access to the FLC Newsroom. 

Training. Access to the FLC On-Demand Learning Library for Advocacy & Legislative Affairs.


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For more information about this initiative or to get more involved, please contact Allison Payne at (850) 222-9684 ext. 3602 or